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Firm Philosophy

LaSalle & Kelleher, P.C. is a 21st century law firm designed from the ground up to provide elite legal services in a manner designed to achieve the fastest possible resolution in the most cost efficient manner. 

The founding partners, Faith LaSalle and John Kelleher, are prominent and respected litigators. Understanding that the age of a matter is directly related to cost, we are committed to promoting resolution at every step of the process. By maintaining costs through the use of cutting edge methods, we can offer very competitive rates and flexible billing arrangements. The result is high quality legal services emphasizing early resolution and lower cost.


Firm History

The founding partners of LaSalle Kelleher have both served as two-term Presidents of the Defense Counsel of Rhode Island, the Rhode Island affiliate of Defense Research Institute. They were elected by their peers to  lead them in matters relating to the civil defense practice. In the performance of their duties at the national level, LaSalle and Kelleher became keenly aware that there is a gap between the level of services traditionally provided by litigation firms and the needs of the clients they serve.  LaSalle Kelleher is a firm designed to fill that gap.

Together they share more than a half-century of experience. Faith LaSalle is a deeply experienced trial lawyer who is committed to public service, as exemplified by her participation in various board positions. John Kelleher shares Faith’s trial experience and is often called upon by the Rhode Island Bar Association, NBI, and other groups to speak to members of the bar on issues associated with litigation. They have joined forces to create a new kind of law firm.

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